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Release of HKDSE results 2018
Congratulations to our F.6 students! All your perseverance throughout these years has been worth it. In this academic year, there are several students who obtained 33222 or above and can enter local Bachelor programs via JUPAS. I know that our teachers have been working very hard to achieve these results. This also shows that we have successfully transformed from a technical school to a STEM oriented grammar school in the 21st century. We focus not only on theory, but on actualization as well.
Best Wishes to you all.
祝賀我們的中六學生。你們過去的辛勞都是值得的。本學年,本校有數名學生獲得33222或以上的成績,可以透過JUPAS直接報讀本地學士學位課程。作為校長,我知道這是我們全體同事努力不懈的成果。 這也標誌著我們已經成功地從一所工業學校,轉變成為一所着重STEM及實踐的文化學校。

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